How To Get YouTube Views

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Every YouTube video up loader has on primary goal and that is visibility. In other words, the goal is to be viewed by a desired public. Whether the goal is to inform, convince, teach or convince, there will always be a need for an audience. But with the millions of videos uploaded everywhere, it is quite a challenge to build an audience even for just a single video as it can get lost amidst the network. Not to be viewed by anyone else is not entirely impossible. This is why an intelligent up loader seeks to find ways to encourage viewership in this video sharing website. So far, expert video posters have identified some key points that speak of how to get YouTube views.

Good Content
This may seem very basic but to thoroughly understand the concept, there are underlying steps to understand in order to fully benefit from a good content. Posting good content is necessary as this is where you kick off viewership and create a spark of interest from your audience. What does a good content mean and why can it teach you how to get YouTube views? These are the elements:

  1. Good content immediately engages. A viewer can only be interested for so long. To get them to click on your play link is only half the battle won. Most experts agree that the first fifteen seconds of any view is a make or break instance. You should be able to keep them watching for the first quarter of a minute and chances are they get to finish your video because they like it.
  2. Good content is SEO driven. Everything at your disposal to make your video SEO driven must be utilized. Tags, links, titles, and descriptions must all lead traffic to your videos.
  3. Good content is part of topic specific circles. Make it more convenient and easy for your audience to view your videos. Link your video with others of similar interest especially if these are other videos that you as well own. Annotations within the videos will do this trick well.