Why Is The UC Browser Worth Downloading?

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Have you seen people rave about the new UC Browser? You might have wondered what is the deal and what makes this browser very popular? Of course, you might have known that the other browsers are more well known and are used by many ever since before, but what makes this newcomer different is that it changes the game between mobile browsers. UCWeb manages to offer a lot of the features that users have wanted to see in many of the previous browsers on the market today. This is why you can see many people from China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, falling in love with what UCWeb has to offer.

Knowing the worth of UCWeb

Since everyone says that they are the best, it can be quite puzzling to know what would be the best option for you. What makes UC Browser stand out from the rest is that it differentiates itself from what the common browsers have to offer. It was developed by UC Web Inc and have ad block services that come with the browser. This is already a step up from most browsers because they are able to protect the content from annoying ads that play and pop up the screen. People can now enjoy looking through web pages without the fear of seeing another ad.

When you open social media with UCWeb, you can find that in some of them are a bit too heavy for your phone memory and UCWeb changes that as well. The browser only loads the light version of the sites which means, that you don’t have to have problems with your phone not responding or your memory being too full while you open one tab after the other. Your downloads are also faster with this browser, mainly because it has a video grab feature and it can also run downloads in the background. Not only that but as icing on the cake, UCWeb is also able to run the downloads in the background.